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събота, юни 25, 2011

Mazda Rx-7 RB26

I'm going to be featuring a few alternatives to rotary power. This one is a monsterous car with about 1000hp.

While I wait for the owners story. Here are the car specs.

• Nissan BCNR33 RB26DETT block

• CP Piston 86.5mm oversized pistons
• Pauter H-beam connecting rods
• Connecting rods, pistons, and wrist pins balanced within 1 gram
• Crankshaft balanced front to back
• Crankshaft journals micro-polished
• NISMO main bearings
• NISMO connecting rod bearings
• Power Enterprises 1.8mm head gasket
• Tomei ProCam 280o 11.5mm intake camshaft
• Tomei ProCam 280o 11.5mm exhaust camshaft
• Tomei exhaust manifold gasket
• Tomei lifters
• Tomei titanium valve springs (10,000 RPM rated)
• Tomei titanium retainers

 • ARP 190,000 PSI head studs
• STR timing pulleys
• Greddy timing belt
• Nissan GTR N1 water pump
• ATI +1000hp rated crank damper
• ATI billet water pump pulley
• Greddy billet alternator pulley
• Full port matched and polished head
• 3 angle valve job
• Weaver 4-stage dry sump oil pump
• One-off custom dry sump oiling system
• Earl’s 13 row oil cooler with custom shroud
• AFCO radiator with custom expansion chamber
• Customized coolant passage bypass modificatio

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